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The Analog Planner specifically designed for Online Entrepreneurs. The 2020 edition will launch in Fall 2019.

Christina Paul at Zeoni Creations love the Eule Planner for online entrepreneurs!
I was so sure I was a digital girl but I just love how I can have the Eule Planner open on my desk all the time, and have my doodles, notes, lists, brainstorms, project planning and calendars ALL in one place! I find myself seeking out the Eule Planner when I’m not at my desk, she literally makes me feel safer and saner, like a lovely trustworthy, I-got-you PA! So happy you created this!
Christina Paul・Zeoni Creations Web Design

Eule Love Stories


From Idea to Reality

As a web designer I love technology but it is my analog planner that holds it all together and keeps my busy brain organized and sane. I prefer annual diaries but they always lacked enough blank pages for my notes and tracking charts so I often used a separate journal for those. In 2019 I finally decided to design my own planner, with pre-made charts and lots of blank notes pages, and thus the Eule Planner was born!

And now you can have this planner, too. It may just change the way you work and organize yourself!

The 2019 Online Entrepreneur’s Business Planner・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio

This business planner comes with a weekly overview PLUS two extra notes pages after each week so there is plenty of room for notes and doodles. No other annual planner does that!

How it works


As a web designer and online educator I love technology, but using this analog system helps my brain prepare for the week ahead and stay focused and organized. My planner is specifically designed for the needs of online entrepreneurs and it includes the following tracking charts:

  1. Annual goals

  2. Year at a glance

  3. Daily schedule overview

  4. Monthly income and expenses

  5. Monthly blog post planning

  6. Newsletter planning and stats

  7. Guest hosting and appearances

  8. Detailed project tracking

  9. Social media stats


PRODUCT details

Size: A5 (148 x 210 mm / 5.8 x 8.3 in)

The planner has a total of 250 pages.

The 50# Domtar paper is very sturdy but not too thick so the size of the journal is the same as a regular Leuchtturm.

Made in the USA.


I’ve used bullet journals in my online business for years and this annual planner is a combination of everything I've done to keep track of my business activities and visions.

Bullet Journaling for Business・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio

Why is it called the Eule Planner?

Eule – pronounced you-lee – is the German word for owl which was my mom’s favorite animal. I am dedicating this planner to my mom because she was the original online entrepreneur in our family. All her life she had a passion for books and always wanted to be a librarian or manage a bookstore; alas, being a single mother of three this remained a dream until she retired and the internet happened. Before she passed away in 2015 she ran a very successful Amazon bookstore for ten years and she loved it! I am glad she got to see me start my own online business in my 50s – she was so proud and her wise spirit will always be with me.