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When I noticed that Google had become my #1 traffic source I was intrigued and looked into it. I saw that I rank on Google's Page One! That was a pleasant surprise! And it made me take a deeper look at my own SEO practices and all that I have done since launching my business. This mini-course is the result!

This course includes the latest Squarespace SEO updates and the new Google Search Console.

SEO Made Easy For You

I just wanted to let you know that your SEO course is so good! It’s amazing and super-straightforward and not intimidating at all. Anytime I’ve tried to learn SEO in the past, I’ve (literally) ended up in tears. Much love and appreciation, Kerstin!
Angela Amias
We had shifted from being a general photography studio to focus more on food photography and we couldn’t get the new site to rank at all. I stepped in and took your course, and it made a huge difference – we finally cracked page one on Google! Thank you!
Alistair Tutton, Food & Architecture Photography
Testimonial by Isabella Anderson | Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio
Your Squarespace SEO Plus course was super helpful! There are so many resources out there for Wordpress sites, but I was beginning to despair that I’d never get the hang of it in Squarespace. Your tips were very clear and actionable. I spent a morning going through the course and making tweaks to my website, and now I’m confident that I’m heading in the right direction. Thank you!
— Isabella Anderson
When I moved from Wordpress to Squarespace I was worried about what would happen to my SEO. So I took Kerstin’s course and here’s what happened to my ranking: I went from position 12 to position 2 in a month. And other search terms took me to position 4 from 17 in a week. Anyone worried about making the switch - don’t! Do the groundwork, take SEO Plus and get on with it!
Tim Emmerton, Momentum Photography

Course Overview


This mini-course is organized into five modules which contain easy step-by-step instructions on how and where to configure your website and Google & Bing:

1. Squarespace Website Settings
Configure and fine-tune your website SEO settings.

2. Keywords
Research and use keywords effectively throughout your site.

3. Housekeeping
Tie up the loose ends, some may surprise you!

4. Google and Bing
Verify your website and submit your sitemap.

5. Write & Mingle
Where the party really happens!




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